Sunday, May 18, 2014

Revolutionizing yogurt consumption

This is the most awesome thing going in my life right now. Maybe that is slightly melodramatic...but the healing process from my crash is not going according to the schedule I had in mind.  Coach K basically broke up with me on Training Peaks after I described my ride as "followed by headache". Or in her words, she decided she "needed to be firm" when she said I needed to write off racing for at least a month so I didn't have pressure on myself to try to be training when I wasn't healed.

So I'm in full on chill mode (or as much as you can be with trying to work and chase a Dman around) until the headaches are gone and the shoulder is doing better.  I was somewhat devastated by this but I'm trying to make the best of it...I'm enjoying the hang time with Dman and the Hubs for sure...And will be able to make some plans to see some friends since there is no travel for a while now.  I will try to get stuff done at work though that is definitely a zone that gives me bad headaches and makes me feel like shit when I stay for more than a few hours.

I will do what I can do.

I can ride...sort of...No training and as soon as there's weirdness I have to back it off. I went for a really chill easy ride with a neighbor (badass awesome Ann who is also a mom) yesterday which was really fun.  Today I rode with some friends, Lizzie and Diane, who hadn't been on their bikes really at all.  It was a super mellow but really fun time catching up with them and enjoying being outside with friends for a few hours. 

So I'm dialing it back...Trying to be positive. I have had some massive freakout moments and major doubts about everything.  But I'm just trying to take it one day at a time. I got some great advice from teammate Liza that instead of thinking about certain races I want to come back for, I just need to tell myself I don't know when I'll race, I'll just see how I feel when I'm on the bike and take it day by day, and make decisions when I'm ready. 

Here's to trying to be present and living in the now! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The winding path toward skill mastery

Dman has been exercising some serious autonomy with varying outcomes. He is finally expressing some interest in brushing his teeth...But it has to go his way.  Apparently proper teeth brushing is in the eye of the beholder.

Off to a good start...
Its hard to remember which one goes in the mouth.
Dman has also started to express some interest in coloring and doing art-y type stuff. Being the lame parents we are, we have not gone out and acquired coloring books and pro-style crayons. Being the resourceful Booble that he is, he found some lame restaurant crayons this morning and started coloring some junk mail. When he ran out of room, he found the May issue of the Colorado Lawyer and went to town in the real estate section. 

Simultaneous guilt and pride!
Dman ruminates on foreclosures of rental properties.

Monday, May 5, 2014

You mean I'm the one that decides?

I am back in the 801 recovering from my crash in Athens, GA.  I was planning to race all of Speedweek (5 races in GA, NC and SC), but things got derailed in the first race in Athens.  With 2 laps to go, 2 riders tangled in front me and I had literally nowhere to go but over the handlebars and face and shoulder first into the barriers. But I'll let you be the judge
If you scroll to about 1:04:30 (one hour and 4 minutes), you can see for yourself.

Luckily for me, my parents were at the race and were able to totally help me with getting to the hospital and flying home early. Unluckily for them, they were in Atlanta for a little weekend golf getaway. For the record, my mishaps did not in any way impact any of my dad's scheduled golf games. I was able to convalesce for a few days at their friend's amazing house, and get a little unscheduled parental time.  Delta was super awesome and didn't charge me a change fee and even put me economy comfort class with more leg room. If they would only change their policies on bike fees!

Back in the 801, Tios Sid and Jane had come to help out Steve...They decided to go back home early but still stayed and helped out the day I came home. It was great to get some extra time with them too.

I made it to the doctor last week. Confirmed that I have a concussion (duh) and that I have a grade 1 shoulder (AC joint) separation. I was told I could start doing things little by little but if any symptoms (headaches, blurry vision, etc) were present, I had to back off. He also said that when I felt completely normal again that the concussion would be resolved. I'm not such a big fan of this. Putting decision making power in my hands? It would be nice to fact check myself. Not that I'm anywhere close to 100% normal...I've been really sleepy and a little grumpy. The balance is good and headaches aren't too bad. I rode for 30 minutes around Liberty Park and got passed by roller blades. This also made me grumpy. I also look like a prizefighter...though that is lessening with time.

We got some awesome friend time over the weekend with visits from the Woodies and dinner with the Jowegawas. We also had a good backyard sesh with the Fishers and their brood (they have 3 kids--one that is Dmitri's age--but the whole neighborhood seems to hang in their backyard). I am not real good with handling crowds or lots of activity...But on the whole, I think I'm getting a little better every day. Definitely lucky it wasn't worse and it has been nice to be back home.

Dman is a freaking rock star and slays us on a daily basis. BRAG ALERT: he is getting good at his strider and he will (try to) repeat anything you say. The personality is really unfolding and it is amazing to behold. He definitely has a temper and can lose his shit without much notice. Obviously he gets this from his dad.

Naked lawn mower repair or just the way Dman says he's too busy for diaper/jammies right now
Dman has a behind-the-rocking-chair secret meeting with his stuffed animals
In any case, thanks to the peeps for the check-ins and sorry for not being more responsive. My head doesn't like a lot of screen time and the energy levels are pretty much tapped by just existing and trying to manage Dman.

I'm hoping I'll be back competing by the end of the month...but I'm taking it day by day and having lots of consults with Coach K (its not her first rodeo after all)

Thanks for reading and hope that if things aren't awesome, that some silver linings are manifesting (they always do)

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