Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The recent hizaps

Summer is unfolding beautifully here in the 801. We have mercifully avoided oppressive heat, it has been so great.

My recovery from my crash has been slow but I started training last week. It felt good to start pushing it.  Yesterday was my first day doing pukey type intervals...Finished the workout, worked all afternoon, and then picked up Dman. While we were at the park I started feeling BAD. Luckily the Hubs came by and was able to help getting Dman home (leaving the park is not have to be physically and emotionally strong). We got home and I lay down for a bit putting the full dinner/bath/bed burden on the Hubs. Didn't feel TOO bad about it since he was leaving the next morning for 6 days.

Shortly thereafter I started puking my guts out. Awesome. Dman had puked earlier in the night but we thought it was because he was shoving in bread too fast. That happens sometimes.

Anyway, it was a rough night. The queasiness was gone but I felt like I got hit by a truck. Not sure if it was head injury stuff or maybe a weird virus or who knows...Seems like there's no way it could be from my crash because it was so long ago.

I got on the bike to do an easy ride this morning before going into work. I felt terrible but then luckily ran into a friend and just chatted my way up City Creek Canyon to the water treatment plant before coasting back home.

I'm currently solo with the Dman as the Hubs in on a trip to CO to do a bike tour with his bro, Drewster and some other peeps. Just realized this weekend is father's day...So Happy Father's Day Hubs! I initially had disappointment that he would be missing Father's Day but then realized he's getting the best gift ever--time to do what he wants...I guess I will have to stand in at the father's day bbq at Dman's daycare/school.

In other gnus, we had an awesome visit with Nonna and Aunt Mary a week ago. Super fun times and of course the Hubs and I actually got to do some riding together which is a rare treat. If you see us out on a ride and we are arguing, just know that we are still enjoying it.

I had some work drama, being told my part-time status was being taken away, and that I had to quit or go full-time. So that was fun. As it currently stands, I have switched to a different group within my agency (which has been AWESOME), and I get to stay part-time till September...Just taking it one day at a time, and the month of June is just about getting accustomed to the new position (have to learn a ton) and on getting healthy and coming back to racing.

Talking about which, tentative plan is to head to Tour of America's Dairyland at the end of June for some racing with VK teammate la Lizard. Really hoping I'll be able to swing this...I figure that even if I suck in the racing, I will get to sleep past 6 am and I will get to ride. And hang with one of my fave teammates...And its in Wisconsin, soooo, beer brats.

Hope everyone is having a good summer and that if anyone else has recently had bombs dropped on them, that they are turning them into lemonade. I'm definitely still working on it.

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