Thursday, August 7, 2014

The super awesome

We have had lots going on here in the 801.  Feels like barely keeping the head above water but not entirely in a bad way...

Kiwi Kate, Amy, moi and Jeannie at sign-in for the Tour of Utah Women's Edition


I'm back to healthy times after my crash at Speedweek in April.  I got my lactose on with Vanderkitten teammates Lizard and Jeannie in Milwaukee at the end of June.  Super un-awesome was Lizard crashing on day 3 but the upshot of that was hubby/team director Jono stayed a few extra days so I was able to intersect with him.

Dman turned freaking 2 years old on July 4. Holy crap. Nonna, Aunt Mary and Uncle Glenny all came in for the weekend of festivities.  Because we are off the dairy (on account of Dman's eczema), we rocked some vegan cake for the celebration.  Dman did not need any lessons in cake consumption.  The baked goodedness went down in the following order: 1) frosting 2) cake 3) a billion strider laps and last but not least 4) a meltdown to melt all meltdowns.  We had a great weekend with my family, and a bunch of Dman's aunties (Lizzie, Mini and Kimo) came for bday dinner too.  Homey was also BIG TIME digging having Happy Birthday sung to him and blowing out candles ("AGAIN!" "AGAIN!")

Mid July we headed up to one of our fave rocky mountain metropolis, Boise, Idaho for the Boise Twilight Crit.  We family road tripped up there and stayed with teammate Lizard's AMAZING sister and her family.  In this instance an arranged marriage between Dman and Samantha is entirely appropriate because...we need to be related...I got to hook up with some more teammates: Kiwi Kate, Hangrypants Miranda, CX goddess, Elle and of course super studette and local celebrity Liza (Lizard).  Caroline Mani (another dirt goddess) stayed with us and that ended up being another trip highlight. Dman loved watching her ride her road bike on the dirt pump track on our bike path chariot spin. VK VIP Mollie was also there which was also great!
Caroline Mani is my new favorite

 Jono, Suzan and Sebastian providing moral support for Arturo's pizza cheffing

Oh and we raced bikes there too! Elle got in a break and ended up 2nd. Liza led me out to get 4th in the field sprint (for 8th) and teammate Kate was 9th. We made some good moolah and had a fabulous time with Liza's family: Suzan, Arturo and their kids Sebastian and Samantha (and Liza's amazing mom too!)

The Hubs got 4th in his race and then upgraded to Cat 3 the next week WOO HOO! This means he can race Masters Nationals which are in Ogden in September. Yippee! Racer dad!

The Hubs' parents also came for a visit which was super fun times for Dman. "Grampa! I want Grampa!" "Gramma! Wake up Gramma!" Lucky for them they never needed an alarm because Dman headed upstairs every morning to make sure they were getting a jump on the day.  Dman got lots of awesome new gifts like coloring books and crayons and a sea otter to add to his stuffed friends collection.

THEN, for the FIRST time EVER, we had 2 women's events during the Tour of Utah (a men's pro cycling race that happens here every year).  Teammates Amy, Kiwi Kate and Jeannie came in for the 2 races. We headed down to Cedar City for a race put on by the PROF (my former teammate Nicky Wangsgard) and then came back up to SLC for a race put on by Alex Kim (emperor of DNA Women's Cycling Team). So awesome to have women's races here in the 801!!!!
Moi racing at Miller Motor Sports Park for the Tour of Utah Women's Edition (look for the kitty!)
In spite of the mid week mid day timing of the SLC race, a bunch of friends and co-workers came out to watch yesterday's race. So blown away by the awesomeness of all the peeps including the Jowegawas, J9, KIMO, Newberry and neighbors Ann and Anya...I was 7th in the race on Monday and then 11th in the Wednesday race (with teammate Kate taking 10th). Teammates Jeannie and Amy were uber teammates racing super aggressive. 
Best co-workers. ever.
Jeannie hooked up Anya with a VK cat sticker which she stuck in her cat pocket
The Chase Pinkham Memorial Crits (local races in memory of a young stellar local who died earlier this year) were held in the evening after yesterday's Tour of Utah races on the same track.  The Hubs brought Dman out and the Hubs got 14th in the cat 3-4 race. The Kimo was the most epic of friends...She hung out all day and helped me with Dman so I could get ready for the 2nd race.  We raced hard but couldn't hold off Coryn Rivera (who won the pro race earlier that day)...So I took 2nd and Amy was 3rd and Jeannie was 5th.

So fun to be able to have big time racing here in the beehive and very special to have teammates here in town. Can't wait for the next race.

Super grateful for living in a great place with great friends and a great family!

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