Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dman's Bio

Our awesome Durango friends gave us a sweet super pro skinsuit for Dman...We tried it on the other night. O to the M to the G. So pro.
Dmitri Lawrence (USA)
Date of Birth: July 4, 2012
Place of Birth: Salt Lake City, UT
Height: 35 inches
Weight: 34 lbs
Education: Miss Billie's Kids Kampus, Lady Bugs class
Favorite foods: hot dogs (organic of course, don't judge)
Favorite activities: Eating snacks, playing legos, going to the park, jumping in puddles
Favorite book: Good Night Good Night Construction Site; The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Dear Zoo
Strengths: climbing (playgrounds), sliding, jumping; sleeping through the night
Career highlights: Balanced on Strider bike halfway down the street this month; rode on a pump track; rode/walked bike off curb; Counting to 5; saying "please"
2014 Goals: Control speed wobbles; stay up later; reduce spinach intake to zero; ride bike down front steps

Monday, September 22, 2014

Wicked awesome

The roadie season is over with the conclusion of the Mayor's Cup in Boston. Racing went ok (moi 13th and Jeannie 19th)...But the trip experience was pretty great. Ran into Tina Pic at the airport on the way out...Caught a ride both to and fro host housing with this super fast and hilarious chick. She freaking called herself Mrs. Magoo. Well its a story that will sound stupid if I try to retell it, but trust me it was hilarious at 4am yesterday morning.

We had awesome hosts in Somerville, Lauren and Steven. Their place was a true bike fraternity. They had a garage with 8 bajillion bikes for all the roommate and downstairs neighbor cyclists. I got a good dose of east coast wicked awesome with these guys. Lauren was super on the go the whole time helping everyone and just dealing and never stopping. Oh and racing too, of course.  Her boyfriend Steven was a total character--2 parts harshness and 1 part super nice. They helped us out big time and we had a great time getting to know them.  Their roommates and neighbors were also super cool and great.

After the race, we went to Boston Beerworks with our rad hosts and their bike crew.  It was super fun and even though it was wicked late (I will only allow myself to use that word when posting about New England), Lauren totally rallied with me to GET MY CANNOLLI FROM THE NORTH END.

p.s. we were on bikes. p.p.s it was dark.

She is a stud...she navigated us through the twisty neighborhood and throngs of people to Mike's...

I leave you with this final image...

Tiff eating a cannoli while riding her Colnago through Boston's North End. Planetary alignment much? That alone made the whole trip worth it.

Thanks to everyone for following my tumultuous season, bad time management, questionable decisionmaking (at times) and family happenings.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sick day posting

The past few weeks of life, traveling, racing, working being a crappy mom and crappy wife finally caught up and I'm a little laid out with some respiro/stomach funkiness.  But let's make some lemonade and use the opportunity for a little long overdue blog postage...

When I last left off, Tour of Utah women's races had just wrapped.  A few weeks later, the Hubs, Dman and I headed to the east coast to see my family and to race.  We stayed with my awesome fam in the Roch and then we left Dman with Nonna, Grampa and the cousin-fest while the Hubs and I traveled a few hours away to race the Chris Thater Memorial in Binghamton, NY. 

Best part of Thater was having Randypants and 6-month-old James make the trek up from D.C. to hang. 2nd best was getting to hang with VKVIPs Mollie B and Tess (and Tess' fiance).  It was a big deal race for the newly upgraded VIPs and for the Hubs (who just upgraded to a cat 3). Mollie and Tess were total rock stars hanging tight in both days of racing.  On the other hand, the Hubs and I got pretty worked in the racing. Well probably me the most. That is also an example of excellent grammar. 

The Hubs lasted about halfway through his first ever 2/3 race on Saturday.  It was wet during my race and I got taken out (for the millionth time) about midway through my race and was just a gripped nightmare the whole time. I finished 14th and was just happy to have the race behind me.  We had a super sweet catchup session with Randypants and the best baby ever James.  Seriously, most chilled out kid ever. Not surprising as this kid was spawned by some of the chillest people ever. 

We raced on Sunday. The Hubs was doing awesome in the 3/4 race and then laid it out in the corner and had to just wobble in a messed up bike. He was ok and no one else got too messed up.  I had a horrible race. Felt super sketch on my bike for some reason (no, it wasn't raining this time)...Realized I had a slow leak...My derailleur was messed up so the pit mechanic was trying to deal with my bike. After 2 laps had gone by the official said to put me on a neutral bike because I couldn't have any more free laps. I got thrown on a neutral bike after the field had gone by and was told I had to chase. I chased and chased but couldn't catch back on. Was pretty bummed to say the least. 

But the Hubs and I still had a fun weekend in Binghamton and it was fun to catch up with some peeps.  AND, Dman didn't even miss us at all. Not sure if it was a good thing but its good to know the kid is down with hanging with new people and can deal without us for a few days. 

We had a super fun time in NY. We did some nice rides and drank some amazing coffee. Dman had the BEST TIME EVER with his cousins Izzy, Sophia and Frankie. It was so fun. 

On Labor Day weekend, Nonna and AUNTA MEME (which is how Dman says it) accompanied us to St. Louis for 4 days of racing at the Gateway Cup.  We stayed with my mom and Meme's 1st cousins in St. Louis. It was a really special reunion because they had only ever met once before but both sides had grown up hearing about the others through their Gramma. The Cousins were so amazing and really rolled out the red carpet for us (especially Dmitri). They had a crib and tons of toys for Dman and he got TONS of attention. It was a special connection to make and it made the trip even more meaningful.  My bad luck streak continued with a crash the 1st night of racing and a mechanical on the 4th day.  On the 2 days that were issue free I managed an 8th and 12th place. What doesn't kill you...The Hubs raced with the fast masters and did a great job hanging. 

We said goodbye to everyone on Labor Day and flew back to SLC. Dman was a champ on the airplane except for when he got tired and just wanted to lay down in the middle of the aisle. 

The following weekend I flew to High Point, NC where I met up with VIP Mollie and teammate Jeannie for US National Criterium Championships and for the Carolina Cup.  We stayed with Mollie's awesome family and had a great time racing.  Jeannie won a $500 prime and I ended up 12th. If I'm not going to crack the top 10 at least I can finish an auspicious number. 

Hanging in the VIP area post race with local celeb Mollie B and teammate Jeannie
The next day we raced the Carolina Cup. It was a local race but several of the girls who had come for Nationals stayed to race.  I got my first win of the season here and there were no crashes and no drama. Yeah!

A few days later I drove to Vegas for the Pedal Palooza or the Pedal Pezzulo. The interstate you take to get to Vegas was washed out...and this should've been an omen...I drove to Cedar City on Wednesday night where I caught up with the Prof and company and our awesome hosts form the Cedar City Grand Prix, Stu and Vickie...Had a great visit and a little sleep and then continued my drive to Vegas. The detour was a bit longer but it went through some astonishing scenery in the aptly named Valley of Fire. I definitely did some communing and then arrived in Vegas in the early afternoon. 

The race was that night and it was a total disaster. The course didn't have enough barriers or marshalls and a pedestrian got on the course and caused a crash. They ended up canceling our race and the pro men's race too. Bummer. More to say on that but I'm trying to keep positive vibes going to assist with getting over being sick.  On a more positive note, I had an awesome catch up session with Pisano Dave Verrecchia aka the owner of Vanderkitten and his buddy, superstud mechanic Dan. In spite of the race lameness, I did a lot of laughing and smack talking. This was not a one-way street.
Valley of Fuego
And finally to more current times...I got laid out with some sickness this week which is lame. Highly un-ideal from a work and life perspective.  But whatever...Dman has been the best ever and I'm hoping I'll be healthy for my LAST RACE OF THE SEASON this weekend at the Mayor's Cup. Send me the healing vibes...I think I'm going to be ok. Supposed to get on a plane tomorrow so we'll see. In addition to the awesome race, there is the added promise of legit cannolli in the nearby North End of Boston (a tradition I honor every time I do this race).

Happy fall to everyone and thanks for reading!
Super obsessed with all things heavy equipment
One of the mornings where teeth brushing happens on the way to school. Don't judge. This is better than a lot of mornings when teethbrushing just falls through the cracks. Not just for Dman. Again, don't judge. Or smell.

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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