Monday, December 22, 2014

Updates on the training: both bike AND potty

One is going well, the other is non-existent...

Ready for action: sippy cup and Curious George on a bike lunch box from Zia Cassiope!

Some winter is happening here in the 801! Just in time for Festivus! The Hubs and I got out last weekend for my first day on skis at Alta.  Beaterfest 2014...Actually, it wasn't too bad...I think I may have been the only one skiing at Alta that day to NOT be bummed that they didn't have more open. I was just happy to try to get the feeling of skiing (especially on my new but not so new AT setup). Even in my heel-imprisoned state, I'm psyched for some more turns...Still trying to figure it all out.  Please don't tell me how much easier it is than tele skiing. To me, its all gradations of hardness.

On further winter notes, the Hubs and I got out for a fun group ride on Saturday. Of course since we actually got a babysitter and could BOTH ride, the event was sure to be doomed (rewind to the previous weekend when we got a babysitter to ride and it rained, happy ending was we went skiing).  In any case, we rolled from our house (9 miles) to the start of the ride. Actually, the Hubs motor paced me to the ride (behind his human engine) since we were off the back getting out of the house and the stressing to make the ride on time. Thank god for the 15 minute rule.  This particular ride (the Plan 7 ride) is led by local hardman (and owner of Plan 7 coaching) Dave Harward and usually involves a tour of Utah County.  I am completely lost pretty much the whole time but it is a great ride.  

In any case, about an hour into the ride, the clouds started creeping in and the temperature started to drop. Uncle Alex (director of my awesome new DNA/K4 team) said to just think positive when I asked if they were possibly, maybe considering turning early as a result of the impending doom.  I chose the negative thinking option and headed back north with the Hubs, new teammate Anne (aka the Doc) and another chick racer Margaret...Since the Doc knows the roads out there, we headed west for a bit before heading north towards home (awesome roads!)  Shortly after turning off, it started pissing down rain.  Happy to be in a smaller group and happy to be heading north (though not realizing how freaking far west we had gone), the Doc and the Hubs hammered us back home, or back to the start of the ride...then the Hubs and I still had 30 minutes to get back home.  We made it home freezing and starving, but the  *best* part was that Dman had just gone down for his nap.  He also had a great morning playing with Miss Lilli (his former teacher at Miss Billie's) and her 2 year old daughter Marilyn.

Dman's amiga, Marilyn (can you say cutey patootey? Also, I want her hair)
Definitely makes me feel less guilty leaving him since I know he has a great time and gets to hear some Spanish.

On Sunday, the storm that started Saturday was in full force so the Hubs got on the Woody Express for first chair up at Alta.  He was out the door before Dman even woke up.  He had a good time but sounded like the conditions were just ok...and it was stormy times up there.

Resting between sets
Dman and I hit the gym at the JCC.  I got in my missed strength workout and Dman checked out the JCC babysitting.  After my workout, Dman went crazy on the basketball courts and then we went and looked at all the Hanukah stuff.  Later that day while we were at the grocery store, he started singing the Dreidel song.  So awesome!  I don't know if he picked that up by osmosis or if they taught it to him at "school" (probably the latter).  Good memories as I grew up taking swimming lessons and playing soccer and basketball at the JCC in Rochester, NY.

After the gym, we had a not so successful trip to the grocery store.  The good news was that grass fed beef and organic eggs were on sale.  The bad news is that there were several of those items in the cart and Dman was obsessed with them and DROVE ME CRAZY.  Oh, don't forget the kombucha bottles he wanted to use as cymbals.  I had a wrestling match with D in the produce section...After thinking I had secured the most breakable items, I turned for about a half second to get something only to turn back and seem him with his finger stuck THROUGH a package of GD beef.  I think I might've said under my breath "why are you being such a little asshole??" as I *tried* to grab the package from him.  For the record, "meat hooks" only begins to capture the situation.  Homey has a freaking strong grip.  At this point I was feeling pretty ragged, but THEN--there was a christmas miracle in the form of pizza samples.  Gifts from the Magi.  This allowed me to *just* make it through the checkout line without further destruction or devastation.  The checkout person also gave Dman a balloon.  Better than frankincense and myrrh.

The Woodies brought the Hubs back just before D went down for a nap.  And Uncle Woogedy (as D calls him) ran in and got him ALL FIRED UP (that's what he was actually yelling)...But that's what funcles (fun uncles) do.  And of course it was awesome to catch up with those guys for a bit.

Oh, and to the title of the blog?  Dman is resisting potty training more fervently than Wall Street resists regulatory reform.  It is simply unacceptable to him.  Our offers to use the potty before bath time are not only rebuffed, but punctuated with an immediate stream of pee mere seconds after being placed in the tub.  He is kicking our ass on this one.

Hope everyone is getting jolly this week.  We have been loving getting the Christmas cards from our friends.  We have them posted at Dman level on the fridge.  He really digs the photos and, surprisingly, is able to identify more people than we would've thought.  Through our friend's daughter Camille is pointed out as "chameleon" (one of his recent fave books).  And he asked why Nicolai was eating his dog (he is hugging the dog in the photo).  Props to the people who include pics of their dogs, though, he really digs those!

Hope everyone has a good week with some holiday enjoyment (or avoidance if that's what is more floaty for your boat)!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Revocation of the blogging rights

New fave place to hang out- the laundry hamper; photo courtesy of Nonna
Going more than a month should result in an automatic revocation of blogging rights. I un-follow people who blog less than that! Good thing I'm both the boss and the employee here so I guess I'll let myself off with a stern reprimand...

Since we last spoke...

I left/quit/got fired from my job at the state mid-November (where I'd been since moving back to Utah in 2008). I was unwilling to go full-time and after getting pressured for almost a year, they said I had to shit or get off the just like Dman these days...I, too, left the pot with nothing much to show for it! I worked my butt off the last few months and I think I left on good terms with everyone...It was a stress and I was worried about what I'd do next, but I was also just feeling pretty mentally and emotionally  hammered. There was some major desire to have some time with the fam and some time on the bike...And that is what has happened...

For really the first time, I know what it feels like to enjoy the f'ing shit out of being a mom.  We majorly cut back on Dman's daycare (he just goes in the mornings now...and for the record? Miss Billie's is the shit) I'm getting a ton more time with my kid. And it turns out I'm in no mood to change that up ANY TIME SOON! One of the best parts of my day is going (usually rushing---in kit) to pick up the Booblecakes. All the other kids are going down for a nap and he is f-word SO STOKED to see me. Is he stoked to see ME, or is it stokedness at not having to take a nap? Either way, it rules...He is in a way better mood being picked up mid day, and to be honest, so am I. We talk about his day and try to find every fire truck, ambulance and construction vehicle we can on the way home.

I'm definitely not one of the cute moms all put together when I pick up my kid. Today, for example...I got out on my ride a little late because of dealing with some things in the morning. I crammed in my workout as fast as I could...then realized I was going to be late to get home...So I did what anyone would do...I didn't technically *stop* to pee as I was hammering home and then skidded into my driveway, threw bike, helmet and shoes inside, grabbed a towel to sit on (plus I was freezing), and sped of to Miss Billie's. I was 15 minutes late and we'll see if I take it in the shorts on my next tuition bill. Hoping (that like my deplorable lack of blogging), I get off with a warning this time. The teacher was super nice, and the great thing about daycare is no one is going to question a little extra pee smell here and there...

And, speaking of riding...I have a RAD new team for next year! Sadly, Vanderkitten wasn't going to I feel super fortunate to have gotten a ride with DNA Cycling Team for 2015 (please like them on the social media sphere). It is awesome to be riding with a team based in Utah with a few badass teammates here in my own hometown. Super stoked to have Coolerado badasses Lauren and Heather as teammates (CO teammates are always awesome), along with my old teammate and GREAT amie, Joanie Caron from Quebec. Director Alex Kim and his wife/my teammate Cathy (aka Cottonsox, photog extraordinaire) here in the 801 have totally taken me in and I feel extremely grateful. I'm also in awe of their abilities to multi task (working, running team--oh yeah PARENTING 2 kids). And they are just super cool and awesome to hang with.

And speaking of getting hooked up, Uncle Alex hooked me up with Jeff Louder's Ride Louder program at the JCC where I'm coaching the Thursday night workouts.
I. am. loving. this.  So I'm back in a sort of spin instructor milieu (hello! the 90s called! that's when I last taught spin!), except it is all people that ride outside and are participating in a several month program with structured workouts. It is so cool and I am WAY psyched to try to help these awesome peeps try to achieve their riding/fitness goals!

So my lawyer life is definitely waning right now... While I definitely enjoyed the work that I was doing, I feel way more fulfilled and happy with my current setup. The bank, unfortunately doesn't accept happiness or even optimism (the only currency I'm flush with now) deposits but I'm working/thinking hard of creative ways to try to make the current life set up continue for a little longer.

In the meantime, I feel awash in gratitude at the awesomeness of my family, my friends and my life right now.  And if you are reading this, I'm sending those good vibes your way too, if you need 'em.

And I look forward to getting going with the posting. First and foremost because I enjoy it...Secondly, because I give myself permission to blaspheme ad nausea because that is no longer acceptable in the Pezzawrence family (see below).

"Holy Crap Mom!"

This is what Dman said to me when I picked him up last week. Of course I'm thinking NOT out loud "Holy crap! What the fuck are you saying?!" So I tried to ignore it...Which led to repetition in the order of the double digits...This was not something I could ignore.

"Hey, please don't say that"
"Why?" (Yes, "why" has started)
"Because its not nice"
"Holy crap mom!"
"FUCK!" (not out loud)
(me) "HEY! You can't say that!"
"It's not a nice thing to say"(Also they will think we are horrible parents at your daycare and we will get in trouble for fuck's sake!)
"Kids just can't say that."
"Kids can't say 'holy crap?'"
"Goddammit" (not out loud)
(me) "That's right, kids can't say that"
Dman mulls this over and I triumphantly think I have had a successful parent moment.

Until the next morning when Steve takes Dman to Miss Billie's
"I can't say 'holy crap'; Kids can't say 'holy crap'; its not nice to say 'holy crap'"
(as reported back to me by the Hubs)

If anyone has any advice on this subject, PLEASE help us! However, I will hand it to the dude for finding the loopholes.

Thanks for reading and happy winter!

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