Friday, May 15, 2015

You (insert inanimate object name) are my best friends!

The amount of time my blog has languished is laughable/pathetic/hateful/disgraceful.  Its like I gave up on cooking (blogging) and just use the microwave (twitter) for everything.  There are worse things.

Life is bueno here in the 801. Racing with my fabulous DNA Cycling p/b K4 racing team has been awesome.  I should note that certain race announcers (not Dave Towle) have interchanged the "4" for a "Y" which is equal parts horrifying and awesome.  But anyway, I am super happy to be on this team this year!

There was a slight speed bump with a last lap crash 2 weeks ago at Dana Point GP...I got a little scraped up and kinda busted up my hand...luckily its my left hand and who needs to use their front brake/front shifter anyway?  In spite of the crash, we had a really fun weekend catching up with Johnny G and Jen in the OC disorder and hanging with the Kims who we convinced to join us out there.  Or as teammate Cathy puts it, she generally just does what I say.  Or as I put it, never EVER question me.

At Dana Point, Dman did his first "race."  Oh my awesome.  Dave Towle killed it with the announcing in the 4 and under race.  Dman just finished with the field but he did go for a few primes. Actually he just strides amongst the fray kinda taking it all in.  We couldn't tell if he had fun but he keeps talking about his race number, and how he'll use his race number for the next race (which I of course threw away--is he trying to say he wants to stage race??)

In other competition/challenge areas of life, we are trying to potty train Dman.  I might have a better chance of adding 40 watts to my threshold power because this is amounting to a mega stiff challenge.  And if the potty training wasn't hard enough, it has become something for the Hubs and I to argue about.  (He wants to use tough love/consequences, I want to use cupcakes/hugs and lots of vino for myself).  And its not like we are spazzing out about D needing to ditch the diapers (the financial and
sanitary benefit are compelling though), but we have a drop dead(diaper) deadline of June 5, wherein Dman can take FREAKING SWIMMING LESSONS through his daycare, BUT ONLY IF HE IS POTTY TRAINED.  My armpits are sweating just typing that out.  If anyone has magic suggestions that don't involve quarantining yourself in the house for 4 days straight, please let me know.

Other than the utter lack of disregard for his parents' sanity with respect to the potty training, Dman is the freaking best.  I continue to be super super grateful for the extra time I get with him these days as I am still not gainfully employed.  He is just a part-time student at Miss Billie's right now, going every morning, and then hanging with me after 1 pm every day.  He is getting really good at pushing mine and the Hubs' buttons, but that is a good life skill and also he is pretty awesome and hilarious (that is totally unbiased).

Dman has taken to calling things his best friends.  On our road trip down to Moab to meet up with Funcle Dave, there was some road construction so there was a shitload of heavy equipment...After pointing out machine after machine he just exclaimed, "Diggers, you are my best friends!"  It can be heavy equipment, cars, buses (any vehicle really) or food.  Especially cupcakes.  That's a separate post but is eloquently articulated here (also she rules).

But it is a kind of awesome way to look at things.  I had a really nice ride yesterday in Mill Creek Canyon and as I was coming down, I said "Mill Creek, you are my best friend!"  Try it, it will make you happy.  So will cake.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cliff notes update

We got walloped with another round of sick here in the Pezzawrence household.  I acupunched my sinus funk with acupuncture and chinese herbs which was pretty great. Its still taking a while to get 100% but it really helped alleviate the sinus pressure and the body aches. The herbs are a pill form so you don't need to "taste" them...However, if I ever burped after downing the pills, I wanted to pass out because those are some dragon fire gnarly tastes/smells.

Coach K and Landry came to the 801 for a swim meet so we got to do a little visit with them.  Landry hung out with Dman on Sunday so we could all go for a little spin.

We also had dinner with the Woodies on Saturday. So great to see our friends. (Get by with a little help from our friends...) Woody chuffed up some serious ribs and then we freaking watched Pretty Woman. Yep, even Woody and the Hubs. In act, they actually started it while J9 and I were in the kitchen.

Anyway, turns out watching Pretty Woman with your best buds is still just as freaking awesome as it was when I first watched it with best friends in 8th grade. Who knew? So was a good and needed friend sesh...

We are slowly on the mend here...Lots of coughing and lots of tissues...but hopefully progressing on the path to health...We are green smoothie'ing the crap out of ourselves and trying to get rest. I'm not sure if the spring time temperatures are helping or hurting. Its weird. Also awesome.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 2, 2015


Mucho has happened and nothing mucho has happened since last posting...January was bueno and Dman and I headed out to CA the last 10 days of January to meet up with my parents.  Purpose of said trip was to get in some good Pezzulo time and to get in some good training. The Hubs drove out for the second part of the trip.  We got some great Pezzulo fam time but why don't you also take a guess as to what has 2 thumbs and spent the first part of the trip sick as a freaking dog? Slightly frustrating but I was EXTREMELY grateful that my parents (especially my mom) was there to help-no-completely take over Dman duties. Dman ended up being sick but because he is a tough little swarthy muffin he was somehow able to get distracted from the discomfort.  

However, even with the unfortunate illness aspect of the trip, I still found myself grateful to be in my current life situation and I realized that as under the weather as I was, it was nothing compared to last winter when I was SO SICK for most of the winter, and stressed and bummed out.  So yeah here's to immune strengthening and here's for weak attempts to handle mild adversity with a little grace.

Riding with the Hubs in the Desert- THANKS MOM!
We spent most of the trip in Palm Desert with my parents.  Dean put in some serious pool time, flamingo visiting and shuttle rides around the condos with Nonna as his trusty companion. I'm not sure he noticed I was there? His favorite part may have been watching the grass getting mowed on the golf course.  He also learned what a cherry picker is when some pruning work was done on some trees. Still talking about it.
Train ride at the O.C. zoo. It was the only thing of the whole experience I thought was a ripoff.
After going on antibiotics, the crazy sinus pressure/pain subsided and I was able to deal. That was about the time the Hubs rolled into town which was awesome.  I was able to rally for the last part of the trip to get in some good rides and on our last day we met up with our good desert buds Twila and Laurie.  My parents headed back to the east coast and the Hubs, Dman and I headed to the O.C. disorder to visit Johnny G and Jen.
Dman sits with Jen post-run and offers to pass out cheerios for recovery food for the O.C. runners
Super great to see those guys and in an ultimate friend super-hero move they watched Dman on Saturday after their long run (these guys are badass runners on top of being badass professional career people--they are good buds of the Hubs from grad school). So the Hubs and I got to go on a great and unexpected ride on our last day in the O.C. disorder. Other highlights include a trip to the O.C. zoo and a train ride therein. 

On our road trip back, Dman did a way better job of keeping his shit together than the Hubs and I (because of animal crackers probably). We were pretty worked but psyched that we made it back without incident...

It's been good to be back too. The air hasn't been too horrible and I also got to ride with a few of my new badass teammates early in the week before they left town.  Gabi is a petite (that is french for small) Quebecois who is a super studette climber and great fille. Lauren and Heather are 2 awesome Colorado gals and both are coached by good buddies of mine. All are super talented girls and they are so freaking cute. I just want to turn them into stuffed animals to give to Dman. I really look forward to racing with them and the rest of the stud muffins on the team. 

Over the weekend, our good friends from Durango came up for 13 year old Cecilia's nordic races at Soldier Hollow. We spent the day up there on Saturday and got some great catch up time with Moira and got to meet another very cool family (2 sets of twins, omfg). Seems like all kids from Durango are awesome, or maybe its just C's crowd. 

Of course the Super Bowl happened too in case you are one of those people (of which I sort of am). We went to a party at the Woodies (who hadn't seen in SO LONG) and enjoyed the game (well I just watched the interesting last 5 seconds) and delicious treats. Dman did some serious hang time with Catherine and Fraser and was NOT too happy when his new favorite buddy had to leave.  In a somewhat poor form move, Dman dropped a deuce in his diaper while playing in the pantry and then he also broke a magnet. So if anyone has suggestions and how to make up for that, we would love to hear from you. 

A little construction work on one of our weirdly warm days

Enjoying Ten Little Bunnies- THANS NONNA

Friday, January 9, 2015

Holidays unwrapped

Open jacket snow angels!

Coming up for a little post-festivus air with a mini blog update...

Speaking of air, I somehow moved to Mexico City at some point because that is our air quality situation here in the 801. On top of that, Dman and I have contracted a little head cold action...Not sure if the 2 are related. But to be honest a sick day isn't totally unwelcome since I have a ton of stuff to do. It gets me thinking to a year ago when I was mega stressed and getting sick ALL THE TIME during the winter (Dman's first year in daycare), but getting incapacitated sick. I feel like after suffering through that I can eat this head cold for breakfast (I can hear the bronchitis germs and pollution rubbing their bacterial palms together at my cockiness). Also that is gross.

In any case, we had some nice holiday action here in the 801. With a kiddo that doesn't really get Santa and presents (he's catching on quick), we thought we could sort of get away without engaging in all the holiday hoopla. As the Hubs said, house decorating truly really isn't our strong suit. In our current financial situation, expenditures like Christmas Trees, lights and other paraphernalia seemed frivolous and unnecessary.

Enter the land of broken dreams and unmet expectations...

Normally the Hubs and I are used to doing holidays with either friends or family. We were psyched not to travel over the holidays but figured we'd probably piece something together with friends or whatever. By the time we got to Christmas eve day, we hadn't really come up with any sort of real plan and we had no decorations and hadn't even gotten presents for Dmitri. 

Don't worry, I'll give you the number for Child Protection Services myself...My casual, practical self was suddenly taken over by a paranoid, guilt stricken parent. And in that situation, there's really only one thing to do: fight with your spouse. 

The Hubs gamely tried to cheer me up but in fairness he had tried to push the present thing earlier. In short, Christmas eve sucked. Not that Dman seemed to notice. We went for a muddy hike and he drove his cars over every inch of the full 200 yards of trail we covered in total. Also, I didn't train on Christmas eve so endorphins were running low. 

That night we got together a couple pressies for Dman which I wrapped in Trader Joe's grocery bags and put sparkly tape around. 

In a for reals Christmas miracle, it SNOWED BIG TIME on Christmas Day. That was huge in improving the situation. Dman was totally stoked on his presents (which Santa left on the kitchen counter) and then we went for a little "backcountry" tour with Dman on his new ski setup. Translation: we went to a little trail nearby and tried to get Dmitri on skis.  The snow part he LOVED, the skis not so much. It wasn't that he disliked the skis, he was just far more interested in eating snow, rolling in snow, lying in snow, falling in snow...etc...
Dmitri enjoys his helmet and goggle Christmas presents
On Christmas night, the Hubs and I cooked up enchiladas New Mexicana. Super fun to cook with the Hubs and we even made the REAL red chile sauce (Thanks again Tia Jane--we are so owing you for that education!). Our neighbors Ann, Andy and their 5 year old Anya came over. Dman and Anya chased each other all over the house and didn't touch the enchiladas while the grownups got to eat some good food and drink some vino--BEST CHRISTMAS PRESSIE EVER! We hadn't really hung out with our neighbs before so we thought it would maybe just be a quick stop by. Turns out they are freaking awesome and super fun and because the kiddos were in full on self-entertainment mode I feel like we totally made some new friends. Too bad those a-holes are moving to Park City. (just kidding)

Uncle Dave came in town for a quickie visit for New Year's. Giving funcle (fun uncle) new meaning, he brought lots of presents for Dman including a bouncy blue horsey and some stacking robots. Dman's New. Favorite. Person. We had a GREAT visit and even got in some skiing. THANKS FOR THE VISIT FUNCLE DAVE! 
Got to ski a run with the Hubs (blue helmet) and the KIMO while Uncle Dave hung out with Dman in the lodge at Alta
It was actually nice to get back on the routine post holiday. Getting the nutrition, schedule and just general life back on track. 

We've got Gramma, Grampa and Babcha coming up from New Mexico today and then Dman and I take off to go train in Palm Desert for a week. Fun times!

Dman decides to cook one of his stuffed animals, an owl. Vegetarian he is not. Owl must be the OTHER other white meat. 
Thanks for reading and if you are in the 801--stay inside and try not to drive. And pray for low pressure.

Picture from a visit with the KIMO!

The Yogurt on My Pretzels

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