Friday, January 9, 2015

Holidays unwrapped

Open jacket snow angels!

Coming up for a little post-festivus air with a mini blog update...

Speaking of air, I somehow moved to Mexico City at some point because that is our air quality situation here in the 801. On top of that, Dman and I have contracted a little head cold action...Not sure if the 2 are related. But to be honest a sick day isn't totally unwelcome since I have a ton of stuff to do. It gets me thinking to a year ago when I was mega stressed and getting sick ALL THE TIME during the winter (Dman's first year in daycare), but getting incapacitated sick. I feel like after suffering through that I can eat this head cold for breakfast (I can hear the bronchitis germs and pollution rubbing their bacterial palms together at my cockiness). Also that is gross.

In any case, we had some nice holiday action here in the 801. With a kiddo that doesn't really get Santa and presents (he's catching on quick), we thought we could sort of get away without engaging in all the holiday hoopla. As the Hubs said, house decorating truly really isn't our strong suit. In our current financial situation, expenditures like Christmas Trees, lights and other paraphernalia seemed frivolous and unnecessary.

Enter the land of broken dreams and unmet expectations...

Normally the Hubs and I are used to doing holidays with either friends or family. We were psyched not to travel over the holidays but figured we'd probably piece something together with friends or whatever. By the time we got to Christmas eve day, we hadn't really come up with any sort of real plan and we had no decorations and hadn't even gotten presents for Dmitri. 

Don't worry, I'll give you the number for Child Protection Services myself...My casual, practical self was suddenly taken over by a paranoid, guilt stricken parent. And in that situation, there's really only one thing to do: fight with your spouse. 

The Hubs gamely tried to cheer me up but in fairness he had tried to push the present thing earlier. In short, Christmas eve sucked. Not that Dman seemed to notice. We went for a muddy hike and he drove his cars over every inch of the full 200 yards of trail we covered in total. Also, I didn't train on Christmas eve so endorphins were running low. 

That night we got together a couple pressies for Dman which I wrapped in Trader Joe's grocery bags and put sparkly tape around. 

In a for reals Christmas miracle, it SNOWED BIG TIME on Christmas Day. That was huge in improving the situation. Dman was totally stoked on his presents (which Santa left on the kitchen counter) and then we went for a little "backcountry" tour with Dman on his new ski setup. Translation: we went to a little trail nearby and tried to get Dmitri on skis.  The snow part he LOVED, the skis not so much. It wasn't that he disliked the skis, he was just far more interested in eating snow, rolling in snow, lying in snow, falling in snow...etc...
Dmitri enjoys his helmet and goggle Christmas presents
On Christmas night, the Hubs and I cooked up enchiladas New Mexicana. Super fun to cook with the Hubs and we even made the REAL red chile sauce (Thanks again Tia Jane--we are so owing you for that education!). Our neighbors Ann, Andy and their 5 year old Anya came over. Dman and Anya chased each other all over the house and didn't touch the enchiladas while the grownups got to eat some good food and drink some vino--BEST CHRISTMAS PRESSIE EVER! We hadn't really hung out with our neighbs before so we thought it would maybe just be a quick stop by. Turns out they are freaking awesome and super fun and because the kiddos were in full on self-entertainment mode I feel like we totally made some new friends. Too bad those a-holes are moving to Park City. (just kidding)

Uncle Dave came in town for a quickie visit for New Year's. Giving funcle (fun uncle) new meaning, he brought lots of presents for Dman including a bouncy blue horsey and some stacking robots. Dman's New. Favorite. Person. We had a GREAT visit and even got in some skiing. THANKS FOR THE VISIT FUNCLE DAVE! 
Got to ski a run with the Hubs (blue helmet) and the KIMO while Uncle Dave hung out with Dman in the lodge at Alta
It was actually nice to get back on the routine post holiday. Getting the nutrition, schedule and just general life back on track. 

We've got Gramma, Grampa and Babcha coming up from New Mexico today and then Dman and I take off to go train in Palm Desert for a week. Fun times!

Dman decides to cook one of his stuffed animals, an owl. Vegetarian he is not. Owl must be the OTHER other white meat. 
Thanks for reading and if you are in the 801--stay inside and try not to drive. And pray for low pressure.

Picture from a visit with the KIMO!

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